Operation 111

Operation111 is an initiative to improve the economy by educating and promoting sound conservation and restoration along the Gulf Coast.

Operation111 is an initiative to improve the economy by educating and promoting sound conservation and restoration of our Gulf Coast in the 5 states receiving funds related to the 2010 oil spill. Gulf coast economics depend on sound conservation and restoration. How each state spends its settlement money is crucial!

Our goal: to ensure meaningful communication and let Gulf Coast residents know that we are all in this together for One Cause, One Coastline, One Chance.

Restoring Oyster Reefs

Oysters and the reefs they create were damaged during the 2010 oil spill. Since the Gulf of Mexico supports the only remaining wild oyster harvest in the world, it presents atremendous opportunity to restore oyster reefs on a large-scale. Building 100 new miles of oyster reefs and living shoreline – which promotes the establishment of more than 1,000 acres of coastal marsh – will boost the state’s seafood sales and create new jobs.

Restoring & Protecting Coastal Habitat

It is critical to protect and restore the habitats that are home to countless species of fish, birds and other wildlife that contribute to a healthy ecosystem throughout the Gulf Coast's thriving seafood industry that supports more than 10,000+ jobs.

Sustainable Fisheries

Bringing 21st century fishery management to the Gulf Coast will lead to replenished fish in the water, a healthier marine ecosystem and thriving livelihoods for fishermen and our seafood industry. Specifically, restoration efforts should address:

  • Improved information on the health of fish populations and the habitats they depend upon
  • Fishing trends to facilitate better resource decision-making
  • Investments in programs designed to reduce bycatch and improve fishing efficiency for Gulf fishermen

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You can help ensure that Mississippi’s restoration dollars are invested wisely by contacting decision makers to emphasize funding for restoration projects that will benefit Mississippi’s environment, for both people and wildlife.  Click the link below to sign our petition and email Lawmakers. 

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