2020-2021 Advisory Committee

Allen, Melanie--Exofficio

Bond, Lee--SRHS

Brandenstein, Amy--Chevron

Brooks, Anita, V Chair--Geiger Products

Chenoweth, Kathy--Scranton's

Cowan, Mary--PRAC Financials

Faccini, Claire, Sec.--Nuance

Fetzer, Katie--PRAC Education Manager

Lamb, Kellie--SRHS

Martin, Joe--Exofficio

McCorvey, Anthony--Mississippi Power

McVey, Brian--Ingalls

Mills, Robert, Chair--Chemours

Muraco, Mike--State Operations Director

Nelson, LaQuanta--Moss Point Schools

Robertson, Ali--Gulf Of Mexico Alliance

Robertson, Shelly--Community Member

Rychtar, Paula--Master Gardeners

Shaw, Dorothy--Ingalls

Sparks, Eric--Mississippi State Extension

Stachowski, Susan--PRAC Manager

Stowe, Becky--The Nature Conservancy

Walsh, Mark--Community Member

Wright, Sue--City of Moss Point

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