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Tourism revolving around birdwatching is big business- especially along Mississippi's Gulf Coast. Nature tourism brings people out to look for birds and other wildlife, to appreciate our Coastal biodiversity, and also to enjoy the Southern Hospitality that is Mississippi's pride. People that come to enjoy some of the 327+ species of birds that call the Pascagoula River home spend money on food, lodging, gasoline, souveniers, outfitters, and more. Birdwatching, an incredibly popular hobby in the United States with more than 60 million people* participating at some level each year, is a multi-billion dollar business. The Cape May Bird Observatory's research** into birding tourism suggests that active birders spend between $1,500-$3,500 per year on birding. 

Are you interested in celebrating and supporting this growing field at your business? Whether we call it birdwatching, nature tourism, ecotourism, or simply wildlife watching; tourism that revolves around enjoying pristine natural environments with all of the amenities is just good business. 

* From 2011 National Fish and Wildlife Report (nationwide)

** From Cape May Bird Obervatory Report (nationwide)

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