Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Six Coastal Counties of Mississippi

It has been more than 30 years since the publication of Birds and Birding on the Mississippi Coast by Toups and Jackson, 1987. Much of the information it presents is still valid (if you have a copy hang on to it, it is very unlikely it will ever by duplicated). But much has changed.

 Birding Coastal Mississippi, by Toups, Bird and Peterson 2004, did contain a bar graph representation of monthly occurrences that is still basically valid and was the source of much of the information in this current list.  But that work is essentially a site guide with very limited species information.

 The first on-line source was begun by Stacy Peterson in the late 1990’s. It attempted, through a monumental amount of research, to show the arrival and departure dates of every migratory species every year. It is one of the building blocks of this list;  much of the data gathered by Stacy, and many of his cogent comments, are, with his permission, incorporated here.

  The goal of this checklist is to present detailed accounts of the status of the birds of the six coastal counties of Mississippi in a form that can be periodically monitored and updated.

Annotated Checklist prepared by Ned Boyajian

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